Our candles are green and clean!

Eco-friendly, handcrafted candles made with natural soy and beeswax.

Our Brand

If you love quality, handcrafted candles made with passion and share a love for Mother Earth, then Burntaire is the right candle for you! We strive to make our products as green and eco-friendly as possible.

  • Eco-Friendly Wicks

    Our ECO candle wicks are made up of thin paper threads braided with cotton. A wick with excellent burn stability that is suited for our tumbler jars. These make a great pair with soy and beeswax.

  • Eco-Friendly Waxes

    Our environmentally friendly waxes are all natural and have a clean burn. With a bright and long burn time, you'll be able to enjoy your candles even longer! They're also biodegradable.

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